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Welcome to the Drama Menu website

Drama Menu is a book of theatre games, improv ideas and drama games that will make your drama lessons planning as easy as 1-2-3!

The book categorises theatre games into three distinct collections… choose one theatre game / drama exercise from each collection and “hey pesto” (stay tuned for more gastronomic puns!)… with minimal effort, you have a tried and trusted, ready-made drama lesson plan that is crammed with creative ideas, fun-filled theatre games, original improv ideas and countless ideas for drama!

Drama lesson categoriesHow does the Drama Menu book work?

Drama Menu contains 158 drama exercises, theatre games and ideas for improv… this makes a staggering (and rather neat) 1,000,000 possible theatre game combinations! With such a wide range of theatre games, drama exercises and improv ideas, you will never be stuck for a drama lesson plan again!

Drama Menu is the resource for drama teachers

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