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1st Day Back Drama Class

01 Action Names
Secondary Appetizer
50 Group Hug
53 3 Events
Main Course
130 Pace Play

Additional Comments
I wanted a fun Drama Class for the 1st day back but also one that had some meat to it and this proved and excellent combination, providing fun for my fabulous drama students as well as a very valuable lesson about pace and shape in the “Pace Play” exercise – the opening gambits of names and hugs and random events proved a fabulous ice breaker and prepared the students perfectly for the more challenging Pace Play (I was actually very surprised with how effectively and hilariously they interwove the series of events into a cohesive piece of theatre but all my drama students managed it and I would highly recommend that you try it as a fun and very creative dram exercise).
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Sharon Dyball

1st Day Back Drama Class
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