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Awareness Exercises -Drama Menu

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07 Heads Up, Heads Down
Secondary Appetizer
06 Lake Of Trust
76 Spotlights
Main Course
146 Build To Blackout
151 Free Improvisation

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This combination of drama exercises from drama Menu was a very effective one to encourage awareness of other performers and to think about the energy and shape of a piece when in performance, I wanted to encourage my students to open their senses and feel their way through the performance piece; these exercises proved to be an extremely effective combination to achieve that aim and the work produced showed very good awareness of the energy required to drive a piece of theatre. I was particularly pleased with the way the spotlights exercise prepared the group for the performance piece to come; it was so very effective, making all players on stage deeply aware of the energy of the piece and encouraging them to feel that energy and interject before it was lost.
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Jeremy Gordons

Awareness Exercises -Drama Menu
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