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Best drama lesson plan

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50 Group Hug
Secondary Appetizer
48 Picture Knockout
98 Gruesome Conclusion
Main Course
114 Emotional Roller Coaster

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This is probably the best drama lesson plan that I have created so far from DRAMA MENU – the students had an absolute blast! I find all the games in the book are just so much fun and all encourage creativity and team work – For this lesson,I wanted to address how to structure a dramatic piece and I found this combination produced the best drama lesson plan with which to do so. Group Hug and Picture Knock-out provided lots of fun to start the session and then Gruesome Conclusion taught the students to structure a piece of drama that builds to a dramatic climax!! I asked that the opening should be low energy and that the piece should build to the Gruesome Conclusion – this worked well and got the students thinking about structure. The emotional roller-coaster exercise provided some brilliant, often hilarious, often gripping pieces – what a kaleidoscope of work it produced! If you want to talk about dramatic structure, this is the best drama lesson plan I have found so far in order to demonstrate effectively how to structure dramatic work.
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Edith Cotgrave

Best drama lesson plan
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