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Character Lesson – Drama Menu

19 The North Wind Blows
Secondary Appetizer
23 Ageing Population
52 Character Bus
Main Course
142 Fairytales
151 Free Improvisation

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If you’re looking for a fun, physical combination that encourages young performers to play character; I would highly recommend this Character lesson plan from Drama Menu. My students absolutely LOVE the Character Bus; they ask to play it in more or less every lesson (regardless of the theme)! I used this particular plan for my younger students 8-11 and the structured format of Fairytales really helped to give direction to the created work… with my youngest groups, I tend to find that there is a lot of running around and not so much structure when they create their own work so, this really helped ground the work and gave the students the creative freedom and confidence to flourish. (the
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Sam Howsall

Character Lesson – Drama Menu
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