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Creative Combination From Second Helpings!

01(DM2) Nice Name Game
Secondary Appetizer
42(DM2) Walking Wink Murder
55(DM2) Outside The Box
Main Course
109(DM2) Scarf Switch
156(DM2) Creative Menu

Additional Comments
This was my first weekend back combination using the all new SECOND HELPINGS book. This was all about creativity and the students really enjoyed every activity and all the drama games. I’d recommend Outside The Box and Scarf Switch as a combination as the Outside The Box exercise put them in a creative space that allowed them to excel at Scarf Switch. This was an hour and a half session so, I allowed the students to take their time with the creative menu and we added costumes which made for a really fun end to the class. I’d really recommend this combination and hope someone finds this useful.
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Creative Combination From Second Helpings!
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