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Creativity Awareness Truth & FUN! – Theatre games & Drama Exercises

34 Yes Let’s
Secondary Appetizer
37 Blind Homing Actors
94 Create A Space
Main Course
137 The Magic Object & 100 Hands On Knees

Additional Comments
I would recommend this combination of theatre games and drama exercises. Played this particular combination with students from 8-12 years of age . . . universal satisfaction from all! Worked well as there are some elements that required focus and concentration (Create A Space / Hands On Knees) and others where the students could just let their creativity roam free and revel in the pure creative fun of theatre! I played other theatre game combinations with different age ranges . . . will submit these soon! Hope you like this one.
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Rita Cownall

Creativity Awareness Truth & FUN! – Theatre games & Drama Exercises
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    • Un altro bellissimo film da vedere e' Gallipoli con Mel Gibson. I "sabotatori" australiani furono mandati al macello da comandanti inglesi. Incredibile l'eroismo dei soldati di queste due nazioni. Rispetto!

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    • I find one of the advantages of getting old and acquiring a slipshod memory is that I can repeatedly enjoy the same things! So I don't mind reading Classic Cul de Sac at all. Good luck with the therapy and try not to strangle your therapist. They're not really sadists, they just act like them.


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    • A wonderful Christmas piece Paula to round of a year of stunning creations! Hope your cold will get better and that you will have a relaxing and peaceful Christmas!Thank you for all your visits and support and all the very best for 2013!!xoxoAstrid

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  2. Wat tof! Ik ben net begonnen in het boek ‘Ayurveda vanuit het hart’ en het spreekt me gelijk heel erg aan. Waar studeer je het? Groetjes en een fijne zaterdag!

  3. It saddens me a little that the irony had to be pointed out. I've been working my way through Black Swan in short bursts for about 5 months now, for me it's a tough but so far, worthwhile read. Gladwell is quite a bit easier to read. Hope I don't miss my Black Swan moment cos I'm too busy trying to get through the book. Would that be irony? Or just bad luck? Let's ask Alanis Morrisett.Anyway, Matt, enjoyed the sentiment of your article.  

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  14. I like this movie so much that I saw it three times in less than a week! That said, I thoroughly agree with you. The needless buffoonery of it “Black” characters was unnecessary as well as unsurprising. Perhaps will be the anecdote for the negative typecasting of “Black” characters.

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  35. These things we know: The satellite is a shoddy piece of shit. It’s too secret to risk any part of it staying intact. It has poisonous fuel. Cheney loves shooting at stuff. Bush loves blowing stuff up (as opposed to Bill Clinton, who more sensibly loved getting his stuff blown).

  36. (Should be mentioned that when I say “your problems” I mean “your” in the collective sense, not in the personal sense. Probably would have been better to eliminate the second person there.)

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  40. Thank you Judy for posting this. Mr. Blume said what many would like to say. He stated it very well.As a veteran thank you. And to all those that have served before me and after me thank you to you.

  41. So I gained all that "baby" weight too……but have NO babies!!!! Was it hard to get rid of those 65 lbs? You've done great work, you look amazing!

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