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Drama Exercises for Sharing Energy & Taking Focus

4 1-10
Secondary Appetizer
68 The Creature
76 Spotlights
Main Course
148 Power Shift
157 Lie Down, Sit and Stand

Additional Comments
Sharing energy and taking focus take the spotlight in this collection of theatre games, drama exercises and performance pieces – I wanted my students to listen and connect with one another and to have an awareness of each other in performance and I found these drama exercises complimented each other very well and gave the students a good platform before moving on to more complex work and performance pieces. I chose the first drama exercises to increase the focus of the group and promote the idea of team playing – The Creature was a particularly effective exercise that eventually brought great results – I had to coach the students to let go of themselves and give themselves to the group for a few minutes before success was had – but once they sent their focus towards the group, there was a marked difference and provided a real breakthrough moment. This idea of sending the focus out to the group and being aware of your fellow performer was continued in the Spotlights drama exercise which again required coaching but once they got it, the focus was switching with clarity and energy and the group awareness was clear. This idea of taking focus and of having an awareness of others on the stage was at the core of the Power Switch exercise – I gave the example from the book which several students used to good effect and others created their own scenarios but all produced work that clearly showed an understanding of who had the power and each power taker took the power with purpose and energy. These drama exercises work very well together and I would recommend them.
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Peter Abbott

Drama Exercises for Sharing Energy & Taking Focus
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        If they are in heaven they are either a soul or spirit or they have a resurrected body. The same thing for hell.The people on earth will be those in a physical body. At that time there will be no disease or sickness or disabled.

      • Bila masa pulak aku ngutuk artis? Kau bagitau aku entry mana satu? aku masuk blog Nara ni pasal nak back up semua artis yang dikutuk tak kira la Memey ke, Fasha Sandha ke, Tasha Shila ke.. aku tak minat artis2 tu tapi aku memang suka back up diorang.. BURITa, ko tak kenal lagi meeradriana ni..Alolololooo….. kesiannyer meeradriana….merajuk la pulak… Hakk tuihh..

      • Tove: Forkjølelse er det verste jeg vet! Slitsomt, vondt og forferdelig kjedelig. Tusen takk! Jeg tror nok at jeg er rimelig frisk innen Eileif blir ordentlig syk, sÃ¥ da er det min tur til Ã¥ dulle med han :)Vi er nok for snille med disse vofsene vÃ¥re ;) Min plan var at Nairo skulle “spørre” om Ã¥ fÃ¥ komme opp i sofaen, men jeg tror det tok 14 timer eller noe sÃ¥nt etter at han kom til oss, sÃ¥ forsvant det prinsippet ;)

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      • Once I stall I have good intentions of getting back to the book but I usually don’t either. It’s like that bad first impression tainted it forever, you know? I completely agree, I’m never going to be able to read all the books I want to read that I don’t want to waste my time on one I’m only sort of liking or really not enjoying.


        October of 2010 I interviewed multi-instrumentalist Dom Flemons about his love for pipe smoking. If you haven’t heard the interview and you’re a pipe smoker, you might be interested




        – You got that right. Until women come together it's a fight over who is the best trophy and a trophy no matter how shiny or well displayed is still a man's property. Women can't win by those rules and real men — men who seek partners and equals — can't either.–j

    • cat despre orientarea barbatilor si faptul ca nu intreaba…. in mod normal, un barbat ar trebui macar sa-si cunoasca orasul. barbati au o orientare infinit mai buna decat a femeilor pentru ca noi am fost cei care, mii de ani la randul, a trebuit sa vanam si sa calatorim, iar femeile sa aiba grija de casa. dar viata la oras, lipsita de grji, se pare ca le-a inactivat unora aceasta capacitate :turtle:

    • Moim zdaniem po prostu coÅ› trzeba byÅ‚o wymyÅ›lić żeby z jednego contentu zrobić praktycznie dwie strony, co nie co umożliwić do dodania i już bÄ™dÄ… dwa kominy do obilbordowania a to przeÅ‚oży siÄ™ na pieniążki… :) prostym torem, można stworzyć z jednej bazy dwa serwisy. Dodać nieco sosu, czyli „blipnięć” i rss’ow i bÄ™dÄ… dwa tworzy :D

      • Greta

        Welcome to MamaWriters Carolyn!I agree with you 100%! I’ve taken my computer to practices, and I’ve learned to write while the kids are arguing next to me…sad but true. Because of time contraints, I have 4 writing days a week. The rest of the week is devoted to work and family. I have now heard twice this week though that it is good to get in at least 250 words even on off days…so I think I will try to do that.Thanks for visiting and offering great advice!I am of course right now avoiding my mat8pcrisn&#u230;so its back to work for me, lol

    • it. Was just looking at the fiery Virginia creeper, the crumbled ferns and desiccated vines in our garden today. Another season, another year, another sheaf of memories to store away.

      • Jailen

        You also need to read An82#&dy17;s posts in context. Andy was not implying for anyone to go 100% into 655-705 spreads at that point. He never goes all in on one purchase. For new subs he was probably recommending 1/5 to 1/3 of planned AAPL allocation.I feel like any new subs should actually be forced to learn a tutorial on Risk Management, and pass a written test, before being allowed to read any of the rest of Andy’s material.

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        I have read a few of the 13.The Thin Red Line – the movie leaves out a few chrctraeas; slight edge to the movie300 – faithful rendering of the graphic novel; movie is better than the bookAll Quiet – book is superior, although both are greatDances With Wolves – movie is very close to the book; movie is betterCold Mountain – the movie is good, but the book has more depth; a good case for watching the movie firstIf you want which 100 Greatest are based on novels, let me know.


        If she really wanted to be successful, she would catch up and be blogging in real time instead of pretending her blog is on the other side of the International Date Line.

      • I designed a cotton afghan featuring the image of the Twin Towers from a photo I took on a trip to NYC and added an acrostic poem I wrote called, “Always Stand Tall”. It hung on my office wall until I closed my brick & mortar business and started working from home. I didn’t have the equipment to weave the afghan, so I had it woven elsewhere. I still have the afghan safely tucked away:)Oops! I forgot to mention that I intended on making tote bags with this design but couldn’t due to health issues.

      • Here are simply a preferred ski holidays waiting for you : Vail, Colorado, US Vail ski holiday – Vail is a totally self-contained ski holiday area, complete along with fine dining, day spa’s and all out of doors activities you would associate with winter sports. The center of Cortina is for pedestrian traffic only autos aren't allowed.

      •   SAUCONYKorak wrote:Tolker langturspørsmÃ¥let som noe det er pÃ¥budt Ã¥ svare pÃ¥. For meg er langtur minimum 30 kmDa har eg i tilfelle aldrig langturer Eg reknar 2 timer +, for langturer, og den eine langturen eg har mellom maratonløpa er som regel pÃ¥ 28 km. GÃ¥r stort sett i turer mellom 15 og 20 km her i gÃ¥rden.

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        (I do believe that you have a good heart; that you mean well; that you are rather capable, on the intellectual level.But I also do believe, via all of that, that you can go much, much further, as Mr. Tooh Fee San allowed me to.)

      • אני וחברות שלי רק סיפרתי להן שנפתחה המכירה……….כ-ו-ל-ן-!-!-! רצו…..להזמין כרטיסים!!!טוב לא פלא….זה מחזמר עם המפיק דוד פדידה המפיק מספר 1 בארץ ועם השחקנים אומנים וכו….. אוהד,איציק,ישי,יונתן,קינדרעך,סינגרס,דניאל, ההכככייייי!!!!!מספר 1 ב-×¢-ו-ל-ם!!!!!!!!!!ב-ה-צ-ל-ח-ה ר-ב-ה-!!! אתם יודעים שאין עליכם אז…..מחכיםםםםםםם ל:שירים ונפלאות שיגיע כבר חנוכה!!!!!!!

      • This is a Government Art Gallery and the rules stipulated “No Flash” In the Museum only in the dress displays and Aborigine displays was it verbotten, and I am never going to be guilty of snapping dresses, well maybe Bra straps? There are some clans in our native Australians who have taboos about having their photos taken and who are forbidden from mentioning the name of anyone who has passed away. This is tribal customs dating back to the “Dreamtime” and if I can’t respect rites that are more than 60,000 years in the making, what sort of human would that make me.


        7-29-12Alex spune: Salut ma puteti ajuta ? Am facut exact cat ati specificat si nu stiu ce sa fak mai incolo.Name:Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset FamilyManufacturier: Inter CorporationChyp Type: Intel(R) GMA 3100DAC Type: InternalAprox.Memory: 256 MBCurent Dysplay Mode : 1280x 1024 (32 bit)(60Hz)Monitor : Acer LCD Monitor AL1916 +60V-a ajutat acest raspuns?


        There you go. Definitive proof that I was going at least 87 mph (I remember the walk sort of) when you scraped your elbows. I wish I remembered this cab ride now. Apparently Jake was almost going to vomit in the cab during this whole escapade as well.

      • Thanks for the giveaway! I'd like The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer or The Goddess Test. Both are right up my alley, but I might pick The Goddess Test a little more just because of the mythology element.


        Hi would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re using? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different web browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most. Can you suggest a good web hosting provider at a fair price? Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!


        Hola manu. Encanto de ayudarte en lo que pueda. Pero no entiendo donde esta tu problema. te pediria que me envies un mail al correo de contacto de esta web. De ese modo podrias explicarme mas en concreto donde esta el problema. Te sugiero que sigas el HOWTO que puse arriba. Cuesta pero sale.


        Excellent read, I just passed this onto a friend who was doing some research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!

    • Le(s) Stout de Pitou ou de Phil me sont inconnus l’un comme les autres.A découvrir?Dites-moi, Pitou.Nero Wolfe. Il existe une série télévisée non? (je ne suis pas sûre, merci de ne pas me taper). Est-ce une adaptation?Et dites-moi qu’elle est mauvaise, s’il vous plait…Henri, j’aime bien cette photo.

      • Trudy

        With that rolling pin with all the watches on – would you mind baking us a cake or make a pizza? Then test for which unit makes the best flvroua! (great stuff, thanks!)


        Thanks Krista! I love reading these kinds of stories so I’m glad to finally have a chance to have my own. I do hope my story inspires and in six months I hope I can read a success story that was inspired by mine. I hope you’ve been enjoying SF!

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        Welcome to our newest 1-on-1 Foundations athlete Susie! Make sure you say hi when you see her around the gym.While I was coaching this am, I saw some AWESOME lifts in the 8:30 class. Paul P and Eric- BADASS squats guys!

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        woah your comment on the last para is so real, your thoughts appalled me. i actually look at your posts once a while and i realize its been 3 years :)i hope you keep blogging and sincerely be youself, wish you smiles all day and blessings

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        Dan, j’ai une question. Si ces cellules sont connectées en série et une série de chaînes panneau en parallèle dans l’ordre: 1) augmentation de la tension à quelque chose qui serait utile de compléter en ce qui concerne l’engagement de la puissance du bâtiment, que j’ai obtenu de la grille de puissance commerciale, 2) responsable d’une grande banque de batteries à cycle profond, que j’ai parfois de panne de courant, nous recevons beaucoup dans notre région rurale ici dans le nord de la Virginie pouvez utiliser?

      • I agree with Ryan…be passionate to what you put your hand to, to God’s vision…unfortunately, getting rich (not the same as stewardship) is not something that deserves our passions.Three things for which the body needs to be more passionate (not hopeful):OutreachSalvaltionDiscipleship

      • Goodness, it’s certainly taken a very long time for someone with letters after their names to finally come to this conclusion. For almost 20 years ladies in my support groups have been singing from the same hymn sheet. Knock me down with a feather But it is heartening to know that these links are finally being made.

      • Thank you very much for sharing. This has really inspired me. I have already put my pen to paper. Now to maintain my self discipline…something to work on! Thank you.

      • I've also been to Orange Buggalo a couple of times and think the guy who runs it does a great job. But…I just can't work up an enthusiasm for the wings. I want to, and I'm sure they're the best around…but I couldn't taste the underlying meat for the sauce. Is that the point? Or do I just have unsubtle taste buds? Either way, I'm not sure this dish is for me.

      • C’est marrant, mais y’a que moi que ça n’inspire pas de manger un gâteau cuit dans un truc qui sort du derrière d’une poule? :-)

      • Hi Ellie, these look great and is one of my fav tea-time snacks. I actually like the sugar coating rather than syrup as I just like crunching on it. Gong Xi Fatt Chai to you and your family as well.

      • , her passion for the entire massage profession was tremendous! She taught so well, and I am honored to have worked with her. Thank you for writing this today. She may not be with us physically anymore, but I bet she’ll remain by our sides spiritually.


        Private Bible reading is usually emphasized more in broadly evangelical/non-denom circles. I say “more” because there is private devotions and spontaneous prayer among more liturgical traditions (see the Book of Common Prayer) that is in addition to what is already in place in the life of the church. The importance of reading through the Bible outside the BCP can be found in devotionals such as Daily Bread, Upper Room and Table Talk. If we put too much emphasis on it, it is in the thought that if a person has not read the Bible today, then they have not really met with God.


        February 18, 2012 at 11:18I’m a Virgo woman and my fiance is a Taurus man. You basically have this down to the T. We are exactly as described here. Except now I really like when he’s showing me off and possessive of me. Reply

      • I can't believe old philandering Joe had the nerve to ask Truman that question. Good on Harry for his blunt retort.If Missouri had an ounce of self-respect, it would be burying any connection to the poisonous Limbaugh.

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        And if not the SNL writing offices (which would be fitting since you are retired Kristen Wiig in my mind), you have one killer writing portfolio here where you’ve made comedy gold out of oatmeal. Feel better!


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      Thinking like that shows an expert at work


      Susan So glad you had Gilly guest post. I LOVE her writing and voice. I have been thinking I need to dig into some photo books. My library is small town so I’ll have to go to our big “small city” library to see what they have on inter loan.Some of these sound like great possibilities.

    • Thank you for any other informative website. Where else may I get that kind of info written in such a perfect way? I’ve a challenge that I’m just now running on, and I have been at the look out for such info.

      • Yancy

        I agree. (I can’t comment without replying to someone anyway for some re023n&#8soa;.)No Cheezburger Confidentals (however you spell it), and no tags to let you choose if you want to look at pics only on that topic? I gotta say, CheezBurger, this is the worst thing you’ve ever pulled onto us. If we don’t get the old format back, or at least get the option to, we’re leaving CB. That’s all I can say. You where good while you lasted. This new way murdered LOLCats. Bye.

    • I find it odd (and perhaps confusing to some) that in the bread-making app, water is not measured in fluid ounces, but rather by its weight in ounces. I’ll be sure to use “cups” in the future to avoid any mindless accidents.

      • Marlee

        Si c’est en fin de journée (début de soirée ?) moi aussi je peux venir (si je peux me permettre). Attention Vincent, quand tu nous préciseras l’heure, indique bien s’il s’agit de l’heure « normale » ou l’heure &lqubo;&nusp;dublogadqpdup &raauo; !

    • Personalmente mi ritrovo nelle parole di quella tale Alia:>>>Tu sottovaluti un dato importante: l’assuefazione.L’essere esposti continuamente ad un certo tipo di stimoli, fa sì che quegli stimoli, nel corso del tempo, abbiano un impatto sempre minore.>>>Per me è così; oggi, che non sono più un giovanotto e sono ormai abituato a vedere le nudità femminili, non provo più gli stimoli di un tempo, perché assuefatto.Per gli altri non so.

      • Trudy

        si ma perf2 te ricompari cosec che noi si era tutti in apnrinseope qua e non dici nulla, che sembra che ce lo eravamo sognati, anche il post stesso medesimo non vedo pif9!cioe8 dico mancamento, nausea, mal di testa come stai (risposta obbligata)? cosa e8 successo (risposta faivatatcol)?

      • Check this out…hello there and thanks in your info ? I’ve definitely picked up something new from proper here. I did however expertise some technical points using this site, since I experienced to reload the site lots of times prior to I could get it to load properl…

      • I have something else to convey; well i was surfing a Friend's Channel and i just can't believe that i clicked the Report Profile Image Violation…now i really wish it could be "undone" because it was genuinely unintended. I just Hope he does not get wind of it though i think i've got to inform him; anyway i wouldn't want a Friend's Channel 'inspected' for a violated image Thanks YouTube Team

      • I absolutely adore the fabric deer as well as the beautiful forest friends decal. Having just started renting im limited as to what i can do with bubs nursery, so its very plain. A beautiful decal would look terrific and create a perfect little paradise for my little one.

      • With the bases loaded you struck us out with that answer!

      • lavetra

        Çok beğendim :) 100. yazının şerefine süper bir şarkı seçmişsin. Son günlerde sonuna kadar dinlemeye tahammüle edebildiğim nadir şarkılardan birisi oldu. Videosu da çok güzel. Madonna'nın baş dansçılarından birisi de var klipte. Şaşırdım :)

      • Yes, I just bought one over the summer at Macy’s for $75 on sale! So yes, you got a great deal. My girlfriend liked it so much that I gave it to her – it was a great bag but she wanted it badly so I gave it to her

      • Normally I do not read post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thanks, quite nice article.

      • JulieHope you are all enjoying “working life” and school days. Love looking at your pictures, it great that we can share your adventure as it happens. Trying to work out how we can let Mum and Dad see your blog as they don’t have internet but will find a way. Take care, enjoy!x

      • I received the book today and got your comment. Thought i better comment back on your page since you may not see it on mine. Thanks a bunch! Missy

      • “Quella che tu chiami sovversione ha un altro nome, si chiama Storia o (vista più il alto e più in basso) Vita umana.Un reazionario è un illuso seduto su un pallone, che crede di poterlo tenere fermo per sempre.Anche senza nessuna idea di progresso, le mura di Ilio cadono e la grande città brucia, Enea fugge e fonda Roma che vendicherà Ilio solo per cadere per mano dei barbari … nulla persiste e a nulla di friabile dobbiamo legare il cuore.”Questo, naturalmente, vale anche per i valori che ti stanno a cuore….

      • Ouh! Moi aussi, j’aime les missives a l’ancienne, alors j’en envoie tres souvenet! Pour les fetes de fin d’années, anniversaire ou parfois juste comme ca, pour montrer a ceux que j’aime que je pense a eux…J’aime tellement les cartes que je fais aussi du Postcrossing (on envoie des cartes a des inconnus n’importe ou dans le monde et on en reçoit d’autres, d’inconnus lointains,… J’adore!).Bref, tout ca pour dire que moi, les cartes postales, j’adore!!!

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        Plus, just on Oliver's post — calling Sirota serially stupid just made me squeal like a little girl. Anybody who's read any of the ridiculous assertions he makes in that new book of his — the one that attempts to tie everything currently going on in this country politically and culturally back to the 1980s — understands what I'm talking about.


        Rapidos, je suis sur étape technique avant de reprendre mon périple vacancier, bien loin du vôtre avec mon régime sans selle, mais au combien agréable.Je prendrai le temps de vous adresser quelques nouvelles plus complètes. Bien à vous deux. JC

      • Hei Heidi!Utrolig fin nettbutikk – selvsagt vil jeg være med!Kos dere masse i ferien(her øøser det ned..),klem Hege.

      • , “I don’t wear my wedding ring because it hurts when people shake my hand.”Now, the thing is that people wear their wedding ring on their left hand, not their right. People shake hands with their right hand, not their left. One of my sons and a grandson are both left-handed, and they don’t shake with their left hand, they shake with their right hand, and so do other left-handed people. That is really insulting to people’s intelligence as small as it is, but then the Parrot with Lipstick is a small-minded person.

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        Hola Ángela:El sentido de las flechas es arbitrario, hay profesores que ponen el sentido de las flechas primero hacia arriba, con lo que el spin es positivo (+1/2) y después hacia abajo, siendo entonces negativo (–1/2) y otros profesores lo hacen al revés.Te recomiendo que mires la nota que hay al final del problema publicado el 1 de junio de 2010, en el que entre otros, aparece publicado tú comentario. No obstante tú debes hacerlo en la forma como lo ponga tu profesor.Un saludo.

      • Tout le monde sait que la Suisse est hors de prix. Moi, je reviens de vacances du Maroc : là-bas, 1 heure de connexion ADSL dans n’importe quel cyber est à 8 dirahms (soit à peu près 0,75 euros… ), avec le soleil et la gentillesse des marocains en plus !Donc, venez faire des conférences au Maroc plutôt qu’en Suisse !L’équipement et le prix des hôtels n’a rien à envier à ceux du lac Léman !

    • Felix Salmon regarding the potential for Stanley Fischer to replace DSK, :"there would be something a bit weird about the first African managing director of the IMF being a white Jew"Weird how? He's being ambiguous."The men who have run the IMF to date are the heirs to Europe’s colonizers"Ahhh, what a surprise. Salmon's anti-White, not anti-jew.

    • Can’t tell you what a wonderful experience it was. I was handing out coats and blankets and got to engage many “customers” in conversation and loved every minute of it. I got to laugh and joke with them, and give words of encouragement when needed. But mostly, we had fun!

      • Lissa

        These are fabulous Stacie. I love seeing them as a series. I think you should enter them into a show. Very soulful. I love the one of you at the end, so awesome! F is on her way as a phheograpotr no?

      • Beautiful!! And most of all I love how simple they are. Sometimes I think we all get caught up in decorating- when sometimes the most stunning things are the simple things. Lovely!!P.S. I just found your blog- Love!!


        Do you have a spam issue on this site; I also am a blogger, and I was curious about your situation; many of us have developed some nice methods and we are looking to trade solutions with other folks, why not shoot me an e-mail if interested.

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        Ik ben 13 jaar oud en zit op het Gymnasium (2de jaar), e ik heb dus Grieks en Latijn. In jouw tekst staat dat het Griekse alfabet op het Latijnse lijkt, maa het Griekse alfabet is een van de weinige alfabetten in de wereld die compleet anders is dan de Latijnse alfabetten die we in Nederland, Amerika, Engeland, Spanje etc. gebruiken. Dus het klopt niet helemaal wat in de tekst staat. Voor de rest is het en leuk verhaal.

      • gallou1 : lol ouais, faut trouver le temps ^^J’ai aussi la version Standard, mais si je dois acheter la version longue, je me dirigerais vers le UK (seulement 9£) vu que l’anglais ne me dérange pas (car là, 40 euros, ça fait trop pour moi pour un seul film)

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      • My hat is off to your astute command over this topic-bravo!

      • rakim 1  0binich eigenltich der einizge der die komentare vom reviersherrfi um vom wiggum total unlustig finde? der sherrif is doch schon locka 30 jahre alt oder so siehta zumindst aufm foto aus und labert dermaßn nich-seinem-alter-insprechende-sachen, des is unglaublich….naja solange er sich wohl fühlt

      • Gramps,Thanks for the great information. This should help numerous folks using egg shells! This is what this site and site are all about… sharing information that can be useful to others… Thanks again!Bruce

      • HOLA: El objeto de esta publicación creó que es prevenir accidentes MUJERES, sin embargo en ocasiones la imprudencia de los hombres es mayor y cometen mas errores por sus arebatos de orgullo y agresividad y no notan la diferencia si es mujer ó hombre.

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        Canım ne güze bir post bu:))) Sana da bu yakışır tatlıcım benim. Resimler ve zuzular pek hoşlar bu arada, öpüyorum onları çokça:)Sana da iyi haftalar canımcım.

      • People have to rise above the corrupt and or density of the mind of those that think they have control…A brighter congress of integrity would have permanently waived the ethanol mandate 10 plus years ago. it's never too soon!!!

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        I really like your Mum's trouser/skirt outfit; considering its from the 70s it looks quite now. I've never seen anything like it with the in built trousers, but you definately look terrific in it and I love the contrast with those lush boots. Like mother like daughter eh?P.S. I also have a tendancy to drop dye everywhere when I do my hair too!

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        Is this the multi key key on chapter 3 of The Room Andy? If it is, the correct setup for the key is quite hard to see correctly. Arrange the view behind the key and keep trying different keys for the slots. It does work eventually!

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        Hmm it seems like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any tips for first-time blog writers? I’d certainly appreciate it.

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        *There are some interesting points in time in this article but I don’t know if I see all of them center to heart. There is some validity but I will take hold opinion until I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as well


        Eduardo Colombo andas por todos los clubes queriendo comprar jugadores para llevar a tu club pero si queres ser Diputado vas a hacer un gasto igual ayudando a la gente?? si queres votos hacete ver con los mas nesecitados.


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      • Israel is being held responsible, regardless of whether it is actually responsible. Which means that Israel might as well take control, if it's going to be held responsible anyway.Israel has already been sucked into Gaza. The last week's events, Gilad Shalit, the rocket attacks all prove that. Israel can take control and control what goes on in its borders, or deal with the provocations of an Iranian rump state in its territory

      • John K Its the koran that guides them most definitely, I agree with that. And it is there that the idea of Infidel states invading and occupying Islamic nations, that is so galling to the Muslim mind, for that is against the law of allah, which requires them to invade and subdue non-Muslim people- not the other way round.

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      • Certainly in the spirit of Christmas – what with the grey and lime green and all. When I first saw it I thought it was “bleeped” out until the marketing date – but, no – that’s the design. Design? If I sent something like that to my printers they would think I had sent a bitmap instead of art!Merry grey and lime Christmas!

      • Qu’entends-tu par camionnette ? Berlingot, espace ? Ou utilitaire ? Comment se faire rembourser à 100% car le plafond est assez élevé en ce qui concerne la déduction fiscale. Moi j’ai 60 km par jour.Merci de m’aider à y voir plus clair.


        o Largo de Camões tem declive e tem degraus. portanto nao se irá cometer uma heresia se o mesmo acontecer aqui. afinal o torreão oeste sempre afundou mais de um metro…

      • 8 parlementaires X 42 000 euros = 336 000 euros par an de revenus pour l’UMP12 mois X 300 000 euros = 3 600 000 euros par an de traites par anSauf erreur de ma part, ce ne sont pas 8 mais 85 parlementaires qu’il faut pour payer le siège. Ce qui, en temps de crise(s), semble pharaonique. Sans oublier qu’à la source, c’est quand même de l’argent public destiné à aider au bon fonctionnement de la démocratie…

      • “We don’t have those in New Zealand.” The very best reason to make such a drastic change. To experience something new. To see something different. To step out of your comfort zone. And to stand alone, knowing that it all rests on your shoulders. i wish you happiness.

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        adam – ok, so erin and i are looking at them together now. we absolutely love them! it’s so nice to finally have pics of “us.” erin’s always so busy behind the camera that we never take time to capture our love. thanks for ‘getting’ it i love the leaf-blocked kiss, and the pics of us on the overhangy thing (what the heck is that anyway?!) with the skyline in the background. well done old friend. well done.

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      • Yo, that’s what’s up truthfully.

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        Si tu savais à qui tu t’adresses!!! Tu ne sais pas que l’on peut etre pour la France et pas raciste ça existe.Par contre tu ne pourras pas FIGER l’inverse. Nous avons besoin de beaucoup( d’antitote)


        Hahaha helt underbara bilder. Det ser ju för sött ut när han ser sådär sur och ledsen ut.Hade en hund en gång som var likadan. Roligt att du fångat det på foto


        Cassoulet is not normally a pretty dish, but you made it look gorgeous and utterly mouth watering! Phenomenal photos too! Thanks so much for taking part in our challenge this month!


        -”His speech was widely accepted as great.”I do not know what his cheerleaders are saying, but those who are making up there own minds didn’t see it that way. His decisions will be made on his friendships, personal preferences and not what is good for the country. His world view is not compatible with many. The “progressive savior” has been exposed for what he really is.


        I’d must check with you here. Which is not something I normally do! I get pleasure from reading a put up that may make people think. Additionally, thanks for permitting me to remark!


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        Ma turz oggi non c'è?Anche il Thread Berluscomplottista e quello sui poster creazionisti sono fermi a 101 commenti! (Perché propio a 101 poi? Bah, sarà colpa della carica?)

      • At last! Someone with the insight to solve the problem!


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      • Forestelf То може варто подивитися?, для цього тема і створена. Найбільше сподобалася сама ідея часу в фільмах “Час” і “Початковий Код”. Загалом непогана добірка, майже все дивився!

      • All kilts are skirts, but not all skirts are kilts! Traditionally, kilts were worn by men; nowadays women and girls wear them too.

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      • I was glad to see that you are shooting with guys good enough to have NOT shot out the tires of that car. Yeah, I’ve been in those kinds of situations, that’s when you pack up your stuff and leave the area.


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        elég már! úgyis tudja mindenki, hogy valójában “anonymous”, sÅ‘t talán maga R. is a kiadód gerilla-marketingeseinek dolgozik! :Dvárjunk csak… akkor lehet, hogy én is? :D(aki ezt komolyan veszi, az…)

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    • Anonymous, I'm sure it's the black turtle bean you're after. You just soak them overnight or for 12 hours and then boil them on the stove top (bring to the boil and then turn the heat down low) for about 40 mins, although for this recipe I found 50 minutes gave me the perfect soft texture. :-)

    • I like the Xmas deco in The Gardens but not the one in Mid Valley. I think this year, the Xmas decorations not very nice compared to previous year, but the one in The Curve is very nice with trees that turn. Pavilion a little disappointing in their deco. Have yet to see 1Utama’s yet – hope it’s good.


      Si « capillotracté » ou « trichotracté » veulent dire quelque chose, c’est que ce sont les cheveux qui tirent, qui sont moteurs : contresens. C’est comme si l’on disait que le diable attrapé par la queue est « ouratracté », même si… enfin, bref.


      Finalement les deux requêtes d’House sont assez logiques et complémentaires ! lol(Et c’est que ça devient très chaud les requêtes ! )Et gloire à ta future marque déposée “les critikeurs”, toutes ces recherches te rapporteront plein d’argent ! (Hum… Ma pauvre, connaître un Sheldon… Arf)

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    • Wayne Bridge only suffered public humiliation because he wasn’t man enough to satisfy his woman. He’s spent almost half his career happily sitting on the bench collecting a fat paycheck. John Terry’s a goddamn hero. Of course she’s going to bang him instead of Backup Bridge.

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      I’m overwhelmed with joy! Because I do not follow the news in general, I didn’t pay much attention to this story until today. I was pleasantly surprised to find, contrary to my initial assumptions, that Dan Cathy was not just a man with an opinion but a man of faith. I salute you Dan Cathy for your integrity and business ethics, and I praise God for men of valor like yourself. I salute you Rachael (the Chick-Fil-A employee who took scathing criticism from a pro-gay “customer” with grace and courtesy). God bless Dan Cathy and the work of his hands.

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    • I read another article about this (they are all over) and generally, surprisingly, the parents approved. It is after all their right to allow their children to do this if they think the experience is enriching. The parents cited the fact that the children don't know about sexuality and so just think it's fun to dance that way as justification.People sexualizing it should probably have their heads examined because they might be pedophiles.

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      You really captured the essence of the day Brendan. Thanks for posting such wonderful photos. The positive community spirit was sure to keep the clouds away! Tis a real pleasure working with such a creative and committed group. Ní near go chur le chéile ! Caitriona

    • I enjoyed reading Invasion Usa. Its a long book but I got through it after six weeks on my new iPad. I really liked that I knew many of the places in the story, I go boating in Jordan Lake with my family every year. This is the longest book I’ve ever read and I would like to get the next one when it comes out.Carlo Santim, Fayetteville, North Carolina. 8th Grade


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  2. Liza

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