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Drama Games for Christmas workshop

35 Cops And Robbers
Secondary Appetizer
40 Team Challenge
54 Film Trailers
Main Course
149 Story Elements

Additional Comments
This combination of drama games proved to be a complete hit during our end of term Christmas workshop – the Cops and Robbers / Group Challenge exercises were excellent for burning off some of that end of term excitement (I offered small prizes for the winners of the Group Challenge which really made for a high octane and energised 5 minutes!) – we followed these exercises with “Film Trailers”, but in the spirit of Christmas, I asked the groups to come up with an exciting / OTT / Action packed trailer for ‘The Nativity’ – this was so much fun and some of the trailers had me wanting to see the film!! Finally, we ended with Story Elements which brought some AMAZING re-telling of the story of the nativity; I used the print out from the Drama Menu Resource Pack which ignited so much creativity and some hilarious Nativity tales! I would thoroughly recommend this drama workshop to those who wanted a fun end of term workshop that didn’t take itself too seriously and inspired bucket loads of creativity.
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Debbie Robinson

Drama Games for Christmas workshop
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