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Drama Lesson Plans No. 1

42 Walking IT
Secondary Appetizer
48 Picture Knockout
96 Up and Under
Main Course
118 Motivation Maps

Additional Comments
I have been using Drama Menu to create my drama lesson plans for two terms now and I have collected so many great drama lesson plans from this book. So… I thought I’d share my ideas with you all in the hope that they will serve you as well as they have served me. This drama lesson plan is all about physically inhabiting the playing area – I have named it ‘Drama Lesson Plans No 1′ as I will add some other favourite ones as I go along. The Motivation Maps proved to be a real hit with my drama students and – as well as being creative and engaging – they have made a big difference in the way that my students mark up their scripts during performance blocks. I have actually used these maps several times in my drama lesson plans to keep reinforcing the message and I now check my students scripts at the end of rehearsals to ensure that they are marking them effectively; this makes retaining blocking (something that was an issue) so much more effective and it has now become second nature to my drama students so, I would say that it is well worth considering when putting together your drama lesson plans.
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Edith Davies

Drama Lesson Plans No. 1
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