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Drama workshop – Physical and Fun

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48 Picture Knockout
Secondary Appetizer
28 10 Seconds To Make
82 My Holiday From Hell
Main Course
142 Fairytales
152 Space Jump

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I used this combination of theatre games for a drama workshop with over 30 10-12 year olds; I wanted to create a drama lesson plan that was physical and fun and this collection of games seemed to fit the brief very nicely and the session as a whole was a great success and all the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves -
I threw in some costumes to make the Fairytales exercise (Drama Menu – Exercise No. 142) even more fun and they all (of course) loved dressing up and the created work was creative and lots of fun to watch. I used a group hug to start the whole session off; that was a very nice way to get connected as a group before moving on to the other work – it seemed to break down barriers quite quickly and created a nice buzz for the get go.
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Davina Davis

Drama workshop – Physical and Fun
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