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Energy Games – Theatre Games

5 Energy Circle
Secondary Appetizer
15 Alphabet Race
51 Chain Argument
95 The Energy Test
Main Course
141 Energy Steps
151 Free Improvisation

Additional Comments
I am always on the look out for theatre games that will progress my small theatre group of 8-16 year olds and I found these theatre games / energy games perfect for encouraging my students to bring energy / attack and dynamism to their work. Each of the theatre games / energy games demanded that the players give of themselves and made sure that everyone was included in the session… all players had the opportunity to direct their energy in a creative way and I feel that by the end of the session the theatre games / energy games had encouraged every single one of my students to give more than they ordinarily would and this gave a fantastic feeling of achievement and growth at the end of the drama session. I would highly recommend this drama lesson plan to those teachers who want to draw that little bit more energy and creativity from their students.
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Bill Mackintosh

Energy Games – Theatre Games
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