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Focus and connection – Drama workshop

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44 1-Minute Focus
Secondary Appetizer
43 Count To 3
87 Just One Word
Main Course
139 The Eyes Have It
151 Free Improvisation

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I wanted to run a drama workshop that focused on focus and connection between my students as very often, they seem to work in their own world so, I tried to find a drama workshop combination that would bring them closer to each other, actually listening / aware of each other and this combination from Drama Menu did a good job in doing this and by the time we got to The Eyes Have It; they were truly getting it. Before we did the 1-Minute focus exercise, I did some relaxation (listening to sounds inside / outside etc.) and some breathing with them (in on a 4 and out on an eight); this seemed to help set the tone for the drama workshop so would suggest you do the same if you are following the plan.
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Amanda Ducan

Focus and connection – Drama workshop
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