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Focus Drama Session – Drama Menu

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18 Alphabet Concentration
Secondary Appetizer
17 1 Duck, 2 Legs, Quack!
58 7 Word Story
Main Course
139 The Eyes Have It
158 Last Letter

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This focus drama session from Drama Menu proved a very successful combination for my 14-17 year old students; the session lasted an hour and a half and the theme was, focus in performance. I added an additional exercise after 1 Duck 2 Legs Quack; exercise 38-Bubbles, this was a great way to allocate groups for the 7 Word Story exercise whilst maintaining the focus created by the first two exercises. The Eyes Have It was a particularly good choice and created moments of extremely focused, extremely powerful and extremely connected theatre; I hope you enjoy similar results. Emily A.
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Emily Atkins

Focus Drama Session – Drama Menu
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