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Focus, focus and well… more focus!

18 Alphabet Concentration
Secondary Appetizer
17 1 Duck, 2 Legs. Quack!
7 Word Story
Main Course
123 Theatre In The Dark

Additional Comments
I have a group of extremely talented young performers but they often let themselves down due to a lack of focus. This can be frustrating as, I know that they have so much to give as performers and during this session… wow; did we see how much talent we have! Starting with the focus exercises really helped set the tone for the class – I also threw in a Group Walk after 1 Duck, 2 Legs, Quack; this helped to bring even greater focus to the start of the session and as such, I would recommend it. The three focus exercises provided the perfect platform for a focused and concentrated drama class where the work produced was simply stunning. Well done to all my students and I hope that someone else finds this equally effective.
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Daisy Fallows

Focus, focus and well… more focus!
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