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Fun Character Combination

36 Colour Contact
Secondary Appetizer
27 Character Carpentry
88 Challenge…
52 Character Bus
Main Course
111 Trash TV
153 What Happens Next

Additional Comments
At the start of term, I wanted to provide a fun class which was full of energy, excitement and fun and the Character Combination proved the perfect tonic for those students who had got a little ring rusty over the long summer holidays and needed a physical, fun shake up to get them back into the swing of things; this Character Combination certainly provided that tonic and by the end of the session, we were all fully back in the groove and I have to say, we had an absolute blast! I was a little naughty and added two starters in but they complemented each other so well and the “Challenge…” theatre game only took 5 mins or so, so there was plenty of time to play the two exercises and I think that there was great value in doing so. Both exercises did exactly what I wanted them to do; they provided a fun and physical base for the character work to come… without these, I feel that the trash TV exercise would have been a little inhibited and that it certainly was not!! The ideas and character playing displayed were so creative, so fun, so zany; I truly feel that we are ready to face the term ahead now that we have been given the energy boost provided by this combination. Enjoy!
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Denise Cracknell

Fun Character Combination
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