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Fun Combination For Younger Performers

47(DM2) Morphing Animals
Secondary Appetizer
49(DM2) Alien Lingo
66(DM2) I’m a…
Main Course
111(DM2) Map, Money, Magic Object!
154(DM2) The Balloon

Additional Comments
I run a theatre group for 8-12 year olds and I’m always looking for fun ideas for younger performers and there are lots in this book. This combination, I used on the weekend. I wanted a mixture of vocal and physical activities and this provided just that. I asked them to bring the vocal and physical attack that they had used in the Appetisers/Starter in the Main Performance Course and they really did! We had so much fun and the Map, Money, Magic object exercise really got their creativity flowing. I will DEFINITELY use the balloon exercise again; it was a brilliant way to end the session. Thanks Drama Menu!
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Joy Joseph

Fun Combination For Younger Performers
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  1. Glyn Jones

    Great combination here Joy! the Balloon is definitely a go-to exercise after such a fun and physical class. Thank you so much for sharing :).