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Fun combination of theatre games!

24(DM2) Where’s Walter
Secondary Appetizer
23(DM2) The Pathfinder
66(DM2) I’m a…
Main Course
108(DM2) Scarf Switch
154(DM2) The Balloon

Additional Comments
I put these theatre games together completely at random but they produced a really fun session! My students are full of energy so, I always like to throw lots of different challenges at them and this combination did not disappoint at all. Lots to dissipate energy, lots of creative stimulus and a nice warm-down at the end. If you have a full-of-beans class… I suggest you give it a go!
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Fun combination of theatre games!
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  1. Glyn Jones

    Thank you so much for the contribution… it looks like a lot of fun! Scarf Switch can always be relied upon to ignite creativity in players of all ages. Keep the suggestions coming! Glyn