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Imagination & Creativity – Drama exercises

48 Picture Knockout
Secondary Appetizer
55 Imaginary Journey
94 Create A Space
Main Course
135 The Box
151 Free Improvisation

Additional Comments
Imagination & creativity are the two things I encourage most of all in my drama sessions for 7 -11 year olds and this combination of games and drama exercises from Drama Menu unlocked so much creativity and gave the opportunity for every participant to show their creativity and open their imagination; we had a blast! I started with a high energy game to release some energy before moving on to the more focused Imaginary Journey and Create A Space… this worked very well and if working with younger performers, I would advise you do the same …I had to use a little side coaching during Imaginary Journey to encourage students to go on the journey in their imagination and not to physicalise the imagined activities but once they got the idea, they did great – there was so much creativity and it was an absolute joy to get their feedback about what they had seen in their journeys, some truly crazy, amazing and very creative stuff! We ran with this creativity in Create A Space and the focus in the room was amazing… we really saw the created room develop; for so many of them it felt like it actually existed! Then, with the box exercise; they just let their imaginations go wild and it was great to see the amount of ideas and creativity that were floating around the room. great class, great book! Thanks Drama Menu!
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Carl Hyatt

Imagination & Creativity – Drama exercises
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