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Large Group Theatre Games – Drama Menu

42 Walking IT
Secondary Appetizer
35 Cops and Robbers
54 Film Trailers
Main Course
111 Trash TV
152 Space Jump

Additional Comments
This combination of theatre games was used for a group of 40 students; it is a very physical and fun combination and I went with a TV theme for the main body of the class, first of all with the Film Trailers and then with the Jerry Springer inspired Trash TV . . . I encouraged the audience to participate (appropriately) during the playing of the scenes and this worked extremely well to maintain energy and excitement in the playing. The opening theatre games (Walking It and Cops And Robbers) were perfect for a bigger group as it allowed full participation and set the session off in an energised and fun way which payed off in the remainder of the drama session. A highly recommended drama lesson plan.
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Lucy Davies

Large Group Theatre Games – Drama Menu
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