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Levels! – Theatre games from Drama Menu

7 Heads Up, Heads Down
Secondary Appetizer
28 10 Seconds To Make
82 My Holiday From Hell
Main Course
125 3 Physical Levels

Additional Comments
This collection of theatre games from Drama Menu encouraged the performers to add levels to their work (physical as well as emotional and vocal). 10 Seconds To Make was a great start to the session, encouraging the players to work creatively together and the creative invention was really lovely to see, we had lots of amazingly creative objects created and it’s true what the book says, there really isn’t anything that can’t be made in 10 seconds with team work, creativity and acceptance. The 3 Physical Levels theatre game / drama exercise is a simple premise which produced far from simple work, in fact the drama work created was amazingly creative, energised and interesting to watch. Great drama games from Drama Menu.
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Mary Goode

Levels! – Theatre games from Drama Menu
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