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Listening; Reacting; Strong Acting Choices

48 Picture Knockout
Secondary Appetizer
34 Yes… Let’s!
84 Phone Reactions
Main Course
136 Interpretation Scripts

Additional Comments
Listening – Reacting – Making Strong Acting Choices; thinking about immersing yourself into the created world as an actor. I encouraged players to respond “yes… let’s!” as a definite / clear reaction to what was offered so, if something good, exciting, happy, disgusting was offered, the players must always accept but their “yes, let’s” must be coloured by the emotion felt so, in the case of “let’s party”, the players were to enthusiastically shout out “yes let’s” and punch the air in delight but in the case of “let’s go to detention”, the “yes let’s” should be vocally coloured by the unhappiness felt and the physicality of the performers should emphasise this too. Once we had played “Yes Let’s” the stage was set for the work to come… the players were not to just speak without thinking, they were to give themselves a definite focus and allow that focus to colour their vocal delivery and their physical connection.
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Thelma Payet

Listening; Reacting; Strong Acting Choices
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