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New Ideas For Drama! – Drama Menu

43 Count to 3
Secondary Appetizer
89 Doors
119 Emotionally Torn
Main Course
146 Build To Blackout
151 Free Improvisation

Additional Comments
I am always looking for new and interesting ideas for drama and the ideas for drama in Drama Menu are plentiful, creative and, I have found, always lead to fun drama sessions … I used this combination with some 16+ students and they revelled in the creative challenges and the dramatic variation … I thought I’d share so that my fellow drama teachers who are looking for ideas for drama have ready-made drama class inspiration! I cheated a little bit when I created my combination of theatre games as I took two from the Main Course section (I’m not sure if this is frowned upon or against Drama Menu etiquette but it works so . . . . hey!) also, I had almost two hours to fill so, I needed the extra content in my drama lesson plan. Emotionally Torn actually worked really well with Build To Blackout as both required that change of focus mid-way through the piece and it’s gotta be said, the performers were alive with ideas for both these exercises which was great as, once they were set up, I just needed to do the occasional circuit and offer some in-frequent coaching but as the premise of both exercises are so clear, their dramatic arcs were clear and their creativity was alive so – not so much for me to do! If you are looking for some new ideas for drama and you are running drama sessions for older teens, I would highly recommend you try out this dramatic / creative combination.
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Bay Howell

New Ideas For Drama! – Drama Menu
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