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Phone Focus… Theatre games that require focus (and a phone)

17 1 Duck, 2 Legs, Quack!
Secondary Appetizer
44 1 Minute Focus
84 Phone Reactions
Main Course
104 Phone Focus
155 Park Bench

Additional Comments
Phone Focus… Exercises that require focus (and a phone)… so, for this, you will need a phone sound effect; I didn’t have a phone ring sound affect so I used my mobile and just played various ring tones when required and this did the job just as well. I wanted to create focus before we went into the final Phone Focus exercise which is why I went for the 1 Duck exercise which needed listening and focus and then the lying down and counting to one minute exercise; both fitted the bill and created focus in the room before we moved on to the main work which, I have to say, worked well; which is why I’m sharing this combination so, I hope that someone else finds this useful… Oh, and just remember to take an old phone with you; I had to use one of the students because I was using mine to sound the ring tones! Cheers.
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Phone Focus… Theatre games that require focus (and a phone)
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