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Physical and fun drama session

42 Walking IT
Secondary Appetizer
48 Picture Knockout
96 Up and Under
Main Course
125 3 Physical Levels
157 Lie Down, Sit and Stand

Additional Comments
This physical and fun drama session did exactly what the title suggests; provides a physical and fun drama session that my students engaged with extremely well and produced some very pleasing results. Before we began, I did a quick limber session so as to reinforce the message that this session was about using the body dynamically in performance; connecting gesture to the spoken word in order to fill the space with physical presence and power. For a group of students who can be relatively timid when it comes to performing; this combination of drama games and drama exercises proved extremely effective in drawing more dynamism and physical connection from them and made for a very positive and productive drama session with some lovely performance work.
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Sian Edwards

Physical and fun drama session
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