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physical Connection

5 Energy Circle
Secondary Appetizer
48 Picture Knockout
94 Create A Space
Main Course
125 3 Physical Levels
157 Lie Down, Sit and Stand

Additional Comments
I teach a group of young performers who lack physical connection in their drama work; they will often inject very little gesture or levels into their work so these drama games and exercises were combined to encourage them to bring more physical connection to their work, to make them aware of how they use their bodies as performers and bring a little more dynamism to their dramatic portrayals. After the Energy Circle (which proved a good way to get this physical session underway); I also added in a game of Ageing Population (exercise No. 23), this proved a real winner and the students were already connecting physically by this stage which boded well for the rest of the class! By the time we got to 3 Physical Levels, there was a real sense that they got the concept of bringing physical connection / levels / interest / dynamism to their work and they used the space and their bodies extremely effectively. I hope that this combination of theatre games proves as effective for you as it was for me; fingers crossed the lessons learnt are maintained / retained in future work. (
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Gerald Hoff

physical Connection
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