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Sharing and Giving

09 Someone Else’s Number
Secondary Appetizer
39 Group Walk
81 The Other
Main Course
139 The Eyes Have It
157 Lie Down, Sit and Stand

Additional Comments
I found this combination to be very useful during a session to encourage my students to have more awareness of one another and to send their focus to other members of the company as opposed to obsessing with what they are doing themselves; this sending focus out and sharing focus with other players made for some very strong, giving, connected, together and intense work and I was extremely pleased with the way the combination of exercise drove the learning and progressed with every step. If you are looking for a combination that will encourage players to connect, for performers to look at / listen to their fellow performers and react to them as opposed to speaking words at them then, look no further; this combination had them sharing and giving effectively which was absolutely great to see and the work produced was very strong.
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Daniel Evans

Sharing and Giving
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