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Spacial Awareness – Drama Exercises

35 Cops and Robbers
Secondary Appetizer
37 Blind Homing Actors
94 Create A Space
Main Course
107 Staging Plays

Additional Comments
This collection of drama exercises was the perfect combination for encouraging my students to become more aware of the space they are working in; I find that spacial awareness is a big issue with young actors in training but this combination of theatre games and drama exercises approached it in a fun and informative way and encouraged the students to make considered and creative use of the space in performance. Their spacial awareness was much improved by the end of the session; create a space helped them see the playing area as a canvas from which to build a world which the audience can believe in and Staging Plays encouraged them to use that created space in a dynamic and thoughtful way. If you, like me have students who need more spacial awareness in performance then I would highly recommend this collection of drama exercises and theatre games as a way of approaching the subject and making them much mire of the environment they’re woorking in and how to use it to greatest effect.
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Brian Harvey

Spacial Awareness – Drama Exercises
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