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Status Power and Awareness Of The Other

85 The Other
Secondary Appetizer
89 Doors
51 Chain Argument
Main Course
148 Power Switch

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I run a theatre group for 16+ and I found that this combination proved very fruitful and produced some wonderfully creative and engaging results – the main focus of the session was Status, Power and Awareness Of The Other. I wanted the students to connect with one another and to have an awareness of who has the power at any given moment – I encouraged action and reaction, the giving and taking of energy and I encouraged them to send their focus out to the other, to not be a selfish performer but to play their given part (whether dominant or subservient) with equal vigour and truth. I played a number of the warm up exercises (both circle and non-circle) to start the session but these exercises were the main focus of the three hour session which proved to be an excellent start to the term; I would highly recommend.
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Sylvia Omusi

Status Power and Awareness Of The Other
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