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Vocal Intonation & Interpretation – Theatre Games

48 Picture Knockout
Secondary Appetizer
47 Sonnet On One Breath
99 To Bean Or Not To Bean
Main Course
103 Sound Script
152 Space Jump

Additional Comments
This collection of theatre games is all about the voice and bringing interesting interpretation and vocal intonation to scripted work. Following the extremely fun Picture Knockout, I had the class remain seated and I handed out the sonnets (there are lots in the Resource Pack but I gave everyone the same one) – the sonnet on one breath had varying results from a couple of lines to one line short of the whole sonnet! The earlier ones didn’t fare so well but once the class were focused on the task, results vastly improved… our old friend “focus”! To Bean Or Not To Bean proved a total hit; I played it at a fast pace, wizzing from performer to performer to bring impetus, interest and excitement to the exercise- that really worked. And the Sound Script proved a revelation and massively encouraged the meeker members of the class to bring increased projection and attack to their work – very much worth spending half an hour / fourty minutes on this exercise. And, Space Jump is now firmly fixed as the students favourite post class game; we play it all the time – Enjoy!
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Denise Howard

Vocal Intonation & Interpretation – Theatre Games
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