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Vocal & Physical Energy! Theatre Games From Drama Menu

5 Energy Circle
Secondary Appetizer
15 Alphabet Race
80 SFX Mimes
Main Course
103 Sound Script
152 Space Jump

Additional Comments
I have a group who are in need of an injection of both physical and vocal ENERGY in their acting work and this combination of theatre games proved extremely effective in coaxing out energised, committed work with a great deal of attack and passion in performance. I used two circle games which proved a great start to an energised class; the Energy Circle got them warmed up and by the time they had completed the Alphabet Race theatre game, they were already considerably more energised than I had seen them before. This good start continued into the SFX mimes which was a lot of fun and helped those more self concious students to let go in the performance area and then the Sound Scripts, I have to say, produced the best work I have ever seen from the students, I used the scripts in the Resource Pack and they produced some brilliantly energised and dynamic work. I would highly recommend this combination and would suggest that you use the Sound Scripts from the Resource Pack.
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Kate Howden

Vocal & Physical Energy! Theatre Games From Drama Menu
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